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East Coast Band in Calgary... Definition of Identity Crisis

East Coast Band or Celtic Band we debate what we are almost every single day. One thing is for sure we are a touring act and as we get ready to get over to British Columbia this weekend travel is again on the forefront of my mind.

Gearing up to hit the highway and reminded that the road will be where we spend most of our summer. Heading back east to where it all began; is always fun and touring is a big part of what we do. Funny enough you spend more time in a car, or plane than you do on the actual stages you are traveling to. At least that is true here in Canada. Average travel time for a show I feel is about 4-5 hours and most of our shows are in the 2 hour range. Even here is the vast sprawl of Calgary it can be 45 min to an hour just to get across town. The commute can be an absolute blast, flying across to O'Reilly's in St. John's, a couple months ago, took over 36 Hours with delays, and weather. Lucky we planned and stuck an extra day in the mix and made it to the show on time (thankfully). We will be talking a lot about upcoming shows in July and onward. So Far a couple trips back to Halifax prior to that are on the books. This summer Cape Breton and New Brunswick has just popped up on the radar. Exciting times for a band that love to travel, sing and laugh. Hope to see you soon.

Cape Breton Early Summer

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