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Sharing New East Coast Music

Expanding the catalogue of our music, developing a new sound. Sharing ideas all a huge part of the wonderful musical journey. Three Finger Shot are working on a new album and what a great time. Personally I feel that sharing this music with my friends is the biggest thrill. Trevor and I working with Jonathan Hines when were were in Port Hawkesbury for the day. Then back here in Alberta and I teamed up with Justin Stewart. It brings a whole different feel to the songs.

Justin and I could sit and play together for 15 hours in a day and rattle through 10 different ideas. We eat, laugh, and explore. It is something very special and the amount of songs produced is always astounding. Some will never see the light of day however we still go through with recording them at least to a phone and from there the decision making process begins.

Once decided on a few potential songs we then go into a studio. Then we record what is known as a "Rough Demo". Which is just a quality representation of the idea. Working with a great sound and studio engineer we track a "Scratch Guitar" Track. This follows the determined format of the song and make sure it is locked into the correct tempo. Then I lay down a "Scratch Vocal" to present the melody and words. Now this is the bare bones and a very rough idea of what is in the bank of possibilities.

Again nothing here is ground breaking it is just like we are sitting around a table at a party and sharing the music. Here the idea or the story behind the song is developing. The next steps are what make the story pop. A voice and a guitar are a bare bones guide. Where it goes from here is the focus of the next article. Working with a producer, digging in and getting not only into the sound of; but the space between notes. There is a story and then there is the science behind that story. The right producer can make a huge difference.

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